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Next GEN Web Maintenance & Security

Our Team always works with methods and Techniques that most people research, or have only heard about. Because we always work together with a new Generation. The work that is possible in the second Generation, we make that work possible in this Generation.

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Security Audits

We always take care of our safety, because the safety of your customers is our company policy. Similarly, we audit the security of your customer’s website and keep it updated. And remove related problems.

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Privacy Protaction

For any type of Website, we take full care of its privacy. Let it be related to Website Design related to Website Maintenance. Because we keep the Privacy of any of your Customers in a secure Database. In which there is no Hacking or other problem.

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Security Analysis

We check the Security of our Customer’s Website every day so that there is no problem in it, and we keep Updating its report every day. Because Website Maintenance means to check that Website thoroughly so that any problem of any kind does not arise later.

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Web Maintenance, Security Solutions & Services

We do Website Maintenance service with Security because in any project we always have a Security-related Agreement so that our Customers do not fear that all our information will not go to our Competitor or go anywhere in the Market. So to get rid of this fear, we always make an Agreement with our Customers.

Why Should You Choose Us For Web Maintenance

  • No any Hidden Cost.
  • Any Time Cancel.
  • On Time Delivered.
  • Affrodable And Competitive Pricing.
  • Fully Customized Services.
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support.
  • Live Report in Every Step.
  • 100% Customer Statisfaction.
  • Save Money up to 40-50% in Website Mainteance.


Benifits of Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is a process by which you can take full care of the maintenance of your website. And you can keep your service and brand intact in the digital world. And in doing all this, our company and team together we support you.

And to fulfill this dream of yours, we do one day and night and we complete it without leaving any stone unturned. Because we have satisfaction in our customer satisfaction.

Additional Web Maintenance Services

We provide other services besides website maintenance. Such as Website Design, Digital Marketing, Business Listing, Website Hosting, Start-up, and Business Consultancy, etc.

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Terms of Website Maintenance Contract

Whenever we make a small Agreement before taking the project of Website Maintenance so that later our Customer knows all the Rules of our Company so that we or our Customer will not have any problem in any way.

Simple and Flexible Pricing

Choose a plan that fits your needs best

Our Features

All Web Maintenance Plans Include

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SSL Installation

We always take care of security in our customer’s websites. And this is the reason why we always install an SSL certificate in the customer’s website.


24/7 Customer Support

We always provide a 24/7 service to our customers. So that our customer does not face any kind of problem.

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Check all Inquiry from is Working

We always check that all inquiries from the website are working well, no. And there is no problem of any kind in it.

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Google Re-captcha Integration

We install Google Recaptcha in every way so that there is no security problem of any kind. And there should be no fear of loss of data to any visitor.

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Delete unused Plugins and Themes

Which will not be your work theme or plugin, we will remove it completely so that there is no problem due to it.

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Plugin Update

We will update all the plugins from time to time so that new features keep coming. And there should be no problem.

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Monthly/ Quarterly Activity Report

If you have an office of a physical shop and you see it on the search page of Google, then it will be beneficial for your services.

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Create/Update Forms

We will make you as many forms as you need, and he is working well so that he will keep checking.

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Password Change & Manage

If you want to create or remove a password related to the website, we will do our best. And we will also complete it.

Virtual Site Consultation

Whatever is related to the website, we always do it with our customers. So that our customers also get updates.

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Monthly/ Quarterly Website Traffic Report

We always send website traffic reports to our customers monthly and Quarterly. So that our customers will get all the reports of the website and also know the market.

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Every Step Gidence

We always keep the needs of our customers in mind. And also help them all the time. So that they have no problem of any kind.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Award Winning Support

We always provide a 24/7 service to our customers. So that our customer does not face any kind of problem. And we are able to fulfill your dreams and provide a successful service. Because our main objective is the satisfaction of the customer.

15 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you choose any of our website design plans and Digital marketing Services you have a problem before 15 days, our company will refund all the money you deposited, but after 15 days there is a problem. So our company will not be able to pay for any kind of money.

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